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Stepping into Spring - Naturally

Spring is in the air – I think! So many people in the practice are excited about the warmer weather, and getting outside for exercise. I believe we are excited about the renewal of life that spring brings to the earth and for many in the Peace that means their garden.

Now if I were any typical chiropractor, I would write this article to mention the many bad postural injuries that gardening can bring: sore knees, sore back, and wrist injuries. I would give you tips: have a cushy garden mat for your knees when kneeling, hinge at the hips and pelvis when bending/just sit on the earth and do your work, and ensure your wrists are in neutral position when digging. You should stretch after and see your amazing doctors at South Peace Chiropractic! I guess I am a little typical.

But… as you get to know the real Dr. Travis you will start to realize I am a little more “A-typical” (just ask any of the staff at SPC). This article was inspired by a “not-so-comfy” conversation with my dad this past weekend in Prince George. See my dad, in his soul is a Saskatchewan farmer. He likes fresh, vibrant foods and produce, but the farmer in him hates weeds and loves high yields. So my dad says…”this year I am getting rid of my chickweed by spraying Round Up on the weeds!”

Well… I went off (rudely may I add). “Dad, no way in H#L* you are spraying Round Up, that’s a World Health Organization classified carcinogen, it actually causes cancer!” Lets just say after I repeated it 3 times to him he finally got it. Now, I ended up phoning him to apologize for berating him, even though I did it because I love him and my mom dearly.

So, my loving, smarter and politically correct better half Dr. Sarah found my dad a recipe to spray on the chickweed that would act as Round Up does, but would not have toxic effects on the human body - Vinegar, Clove Oil and Salt!!! You can always email Dr. Sarah at for natural alternatives with essential oils/her facebook page at Essential Health and Wellness with Dr. Sarah Tremblay

You see the Round Up may be only one of the 320 toxins that you are exposed to consistently, but… Remember that your body, as wise it is, is trying its hardest to filter those chemicals out of you. More chemicals, means more toxic load on you and your body. Chemicals have negative effects throughout your body: from accumulation into fat cells (DDT in the mid 20th century), chemicals alter the cellular structure and have negative impact and damage your DNA code. Cancer research shows that your body tries to wall off toxicity into tumor cells, as well as chemicals lower the overall pH of your blood and body, making you acidic. Acidity or lower body pH is hostile to our normal cells, but cancer cells have proven to thrive in acidic body environments!

So… if you are struggling to heal, if it’s taking you a lot longer than expected, if you are dealing with cancer, diabetes, MS/ALS or even weight loss issues – you must look into your levels of toxicity!!! Toxins are a cause of subluxation as DD Palmer wrote in 1895. I can help you start this process – we can identify areas that may be leading to toxicity. There are supplements and cleanses to begin with, but advanced help may be warranted.

And in the spirit of our true vision of creating a healthy community here in the Peace – please email, mail, or drop off your recipes/cheats or tricks for getting toxins out of the home. Anything and everything helps. We will share it with our community!

Yours in health,

Dr. Travis