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Which chiropractic technique is best?

Love this question! We have trained over the years in many techniques because we want to be able to support our patients in the best way we can. Some of the techniques are population specific; we adjust pregnant patients differently than those who are not expecting, and babies certainly receive different care than their parents, but ultimately all of our techniques are patient specific.


What does that mean? Every person that comes into our office has different expectations, needs, fears, and spines.


When one person is looking for a tik tok crunch-me-till-there’s-nothing-left-to-crunch-expectation and the next would prefer to never hear a popping sound, we must approach their experience and care differently. Fortunately, we have many tools in our toolbelts that allow us to tailor care to everyone. From the gentle click of the activator or the soothing vibration of the arthrostim (aka the tickle gun), to the drops we use in Thompson Technique, or the sustained contact of cranial work to the old-school twisting and turning of Diversified Technique, we’ve got most of the bases covered to create a care plan and a care approach that every person can be comfortable with.


If you have a newborn and are worried that chiropractic is about crunching babies, I want to assure you that we certainly don’t do that. The same goes for our 80+ year old patients with osteoporosis, there are techniques that we just don’t use in certain populations, conditions, or specific people. Each person is different and so is their spine and nervous system, and we are so proud to be able to offer many techniques to support each and every one of them.


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